Residential Feng Shui Consultation

Residential Feng Shui for increased happiness, success, and prosperity.

What is a Residential Feng Shui Consultation?

Residents who live in homes with good Feng Shui experience the benefits of more opportunities, positive mental well-being, increased energy, improved prosperity, strong positive relationships and life in general flows positively.

The Feng Shui Consultation Process has 3 phases:

  1. On-Site Assessment
  2. Analysis
  3. Recommendations and Reporting.

Thorough analysis and diagnosis are crucial and require the most time. Feng Shui techniques can range from subtle in nature such as moving furniture, painting walls and adding light or water features to moving doors and walls and physical landscape changes.

Four Aspects are considered in every Feng Shui consultation:

  1. the Environment
  2. the Building,
  3. the Occupants
  4. Timing

All Feng Shui Audits are done using the Classical Feng Shui methods of San He, San Yuan, Ba Zhai and Xuan Kong. Birth details of all the residents are taken into consideration. My methods are practical and are focused on goal and result oriented techniques.

What’s included with the Feng Shui Recommendations?

After analysis and diagnosis, Feng Shui recommendations and solutions are discussed and presented along with a plan of action.

Depending on the type and depth of consultation you choose, recommendations vary and can include information and practical advice on:

  • Existing energy patterns strengths and weaknesses (wealth, romance, relationships, growth, health, fame, future, etc.)
  • Ideal function and use of overall space
  • Ideal layout, colour and design for each room
  • Best directions and locations for sleep, work and play
  • How to create a better Qi flow inside and outside the home
  • Specific recommendations such as activations for wealth, health, relationships, growth, etc.
  • Practical advice and solutions that take into account your cultural taste and lifestyle.

What’s included in the Feng Shui Report?

  • A prioritized concrete to do list
  • Long and short term recommendations
  • Good dates and specific timing for activations and changes
  • General Feng Shui tips for decorating and optimal Qi flow
  • The Feng Shui year changes for this year

Who could benefit from a Residential Feng Shui Consultation?

  • Existing Properties and Homes
  • New Property Evaluations – Pre-purchase consultations
  • House Selling
  • Annual Updates

Consultations vary in length and time according to size, complexity and number of occupants. Contact Marlyna at (604) 339-8878 or for detailed information.

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