Real Estate Development Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui Consultations for new construction and resell evaluations.

Feng Shui can help identify the important factors that create positive or negative qualities in a potential or existing real estate development.
Real Estate Feng Shui Consultation in Vancouver with Marlyna Los

What is a Real Estate Development Feng Shui Consultation?

In North America and Vancouver, there is a growing demand for developers, architects, and designers to apply the principles of Feng Shui to their work.

Where a builder sees a building as a physical body, a Feng Shui expert sees a building and the surrounding land as information. Not all land is equal. Feng Shui sees 70% of the quality and type of energy inside any dwelling determined by location.

The important factors that create positive or negative qualities in a real estate development include lot location, shape, terrain, building location, design, shape, proportion, direction, and door placements. A Feng Shui consultation is ideal and the most cost effective before you build; working with you to select the right property and working with the designer from the beginning.

A Feng Shui consultation has four phases: Analysis, Diagnosis, Recommendations and Reporting. Thorough analysis and diagnosis are crucial and require the most time.

A Feng Shui consultation has three phases:

  1. Site Assesment
  2. Analysis & Diagnosis
  3. Recommendations and Reporting

Thorough analysis and diagnosis are crucial and require the most time.

Four Aspects are considered in every Feng Shui consultation:

  1. The Environment
  2. The Building,
  3. The Occupants
  4. Timing

All Feng Shui Audits are done using the Classical Feng Shui methods of San He, San Yuan, Ba Zhai and Xuan Kong.

A Luo Pan (Chinese compass) is always used; calculations are made based on location, directions, as well as the birth data of the occupants.

Consultations vary in type and scope of work.

What’s included with the Feng Shui Recommendations?

Depending on the type of assessment and consultation recommendations can include:

  • Assessment of quality of Feng Shui for selling or new purchase.
  • Pre-Purchase Assessment of Feng Shui potential of property and it’s ability to support your goals.
  • New Build or Development Recommendations on floor plan design, including directional alignment of structure, best building design and layout input, placement of doors, kitchens, bedrooms, traffic flow, and landscaping.
  • Mixed Developments: Recommendations and input for the entire project from Sales office location (key to success of major projects), placement of roads, parking, buildings with directional alignment, location of entrances, exits and pathways, and building structure layout and design.

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