Business Feng Shui Consultation

Business Feng Shui Consultation for increased productivity and growth.

A business with good Feng Shui is an environment that supports you with financial growth, management of people and overall increased efficiency.

What is a Business Feng Shui Consultation? Marlyna Los, Vancouver BC
Marlyna Los offers professional Business Feng Shui consultation services for home offices, retail, wholesale and corporate businesses, both existing and under design. All Feng Shui Audits are done using the Classical Feng Shui methods of San He, San Yuan, Ba Zhai and Xuan Kong. Birth details of key staff are taken into consideration. Her methods are practical and are focused on goal and result oriented techniques. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Marlyna’s consultations take her globally to serve her clients.

What is a Business Feng Shui Consultation?

Different types of businesses issues require different types of Feng Shui set-ups and arrangements. Feng Shui is not one size fits all.

Depending on the focus, (generating income, managing staff issues, or increasing productivity) the techniques used vary. Considerations include placement of key staff and members, cash register location, overall office design, door positioning and energy flow. These are all factors that need to be considered to determine the right Feng Shui techniques to support the goals of the business.

A Feng Shui consultation has three phases:

  1. Site Assesment
  2. Analysis & Diagnosis
  3. Recommendations and Reporting

Thorough analysis and diagnosis are crucial and require the most time.

What’s included with the Feng Shui Recommendations?

After analysis and diagnosis, Feng Shui recommendations and solutions are discussed and presented along with a plan of action.

Depending on the type and depth of business consultation you choose, recommendations vary and can include information and practical advice on:

  • Existing energy patterns strengths and weaknesses (re wealth, growth, safety, staff relationships and productivity)
  • Ideal function and use of overall space
  • Ideal layout, colour and design for each room
  • Best directions and locations for cash registers
  • Best directions and locations for Key staff
  • How to create a better Qi flow inside and outside the Space
  • Specific recommendations re: activations for wealth, health, relationships, growth, etc.
  • Practical advice and solutions that take into account your cultural taste and lifestyle

What’s included in the Feng Shui Report?

  • A prioritized concrete to do list
  • Long and short term recommendations
  • Good dates and specific timing for activations and changes
  • General Feng Shui tips for decorating and optimal Qi flow
  • The Feng Shui year changes for this year

Who could benefit from a Business and Corporate Feng Shui Consultation?

  • Existing Businesses (Office, Corporate, Retail, Restaurant)
  • Schools, Hospitals, Government offices
  • Home office
  • New Property Evaluations – Pre-purchase consultations
  • Large and small scale developments
  • Annual Updates

Consultations vary in length and time according to size, complexity and number of occupants. Call (604) 339-8878 or email for detailed information.