BaZi – Chinese Astrology Consultation

BaZi – Personal Destiny Analysis Astrology

A personal BaZi (Chinese Astrology) consultation – Better insight = Better choices = Better decisions.

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What is Bazi?

Your BaZi is, in effect, a Map of who you are and the opportunities and challenges that await you in life. It is set up at the time of your birth as a result of the cosmic energies that exist at that particular time of day, month and year. A literal translation of the words BaZi means Eight Characters. In the West, BaZi is also known as Four Pillars of Destiny or Chinese Astrology. Your chart tells of your character, weaknesses and strengths and at any given time the probabilities of potential and success.

The science of BaZi revolves around Five Element theory. By plotting and analysing our BaZi charts, we are able to predict probabilities of what awaits in life. Time moves in cyclical patterns. By understanding the past, we are able to discern probabilities (trends, types of issues, smoothness of Qi flow, timing, etc.)

Few people are aware of the presence of Feng Shui Masters who work behind the scenes for some of the most powerful and wealthy tycoons of Asia advising on everything from what business to buy, hiring and managing staff, where and what positions to place key staff, investments, and strategic timing for events.

One of BaZi’s most useful features is managing expectations. We can avoid problems and make better choices when we know the type of energy that’s coming and attune to its positive potentials. Life becomes about creating what you want, everything becomes an opportunity.

Bazi is used to:

  • Personally to Manage expectations
  • Character profiling and analysis of employees by Management
  • Make informed decisions
  • Make Investments
  • Understand relationships
  • Understand other people
  • Apply Feng Shui correctly
  • Choose the right career path
  • Strategic timing for important events

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