Feng Shui Consultation Services

A Feng Shui consultation is a powerful tool for creating positive change.

Marlyna Los_Feng Shui Consultation_with Lo Pan

Marlyna Los offers professional Feng Shui consultations for homes and business, both existing and new builds. All Feng Shui Audits are done using the Classical Feng Shui methods of San He, San Yuan, Ba Zhai and Xuan Kong. Her methods are practical and are focused on goal and result oriented techniques.

The Feng Shui of where we live, play and work plays a significant role in the success and quality of our lives and Destiny. Feng Shui deals with the “earth luck factor” which represents 33% of opportunities and energy that surrounds our life. The quality of the energy of any space can be improved with the practice of Feng Shui.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I focus on practical Feng Shui solutions that are meant to help you live a more fulfilling life and achieve your goals.

You can create positive change, overcome challenges, transform and grow your life with the power of Feng Shui.

Do you want life to be easier and better? Are you considering building or renovating. Or do you just want more peace and harmony in your life?

Here’s how Feng Shui can help you.

Using Feng Shui, I have helped my business and individual clients:

  • Increase sales in business
  • Win contracts
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Find employment
  • Build, renovate and sell homes
  • Attract and retain wealth
  • Improve family relationships
  • Find love
  • Improve physical and mental health issues
  • Improve student grades and study habits

Consultations are comprehensive and include onsite visits, written reports and follow up.

Contact me for more information at info@fengshuiconsulting.info.

Feng Shui Consultation Services:

Residential Consultations

Residential Feng Shui Consultation Vancouver BC with Marlyna Los

  • Existing Homes
  • Renovations
  • Home Buying
  • Home Selling
  • New Construction
  • Annual Updates

BaZi Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology Zodiac Wheel

  • Personal Life Reading
  • Compatibility Analysis
  • Date Selection
  • Full Year Analysis
  • Strategic Events

Business & Corporate

Feng Shui - Office Interior

  • Existing
  • New Construction
  • Relocations
  • Renovations
  • Office   Management
  • Important Event Date Selection

Real Estate Development

Aerial view of residential area

  • Commercial
  • Small Business
  • Renovations
  • Selling
  • Pre-purchase / lease assessments